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Job Loss + Accident

Mortgage Insurance


The rising property value in recent years has pushed monthly mortgage payments to a record level.  How would you manage to pay all your bills when your E.I. Benefit pays only about $1,850 per month after tax in difficult times such as loss of income due to an unforeseeable event?


Job Loss + Accident Mortgage Insurance is designed to help you make mortgage payment in the event of involuntary unemployment, accidental disability or payoff the balance of your mortgage in case of fatal accident.  Since it pays directly to your mortgage lender, your entire E.I. Benefit can be used for other important expenses.



  • 2-in-1 protection: job loss + accidental disability

  • Underwritten by a leading Canadian insurance company

  • Tax-free benefit

  • Pays in addition to E.I. benefit

  • Portable with your mortgage

  • Cancellable anytime without fee/penalty

  • Affordable (4%-6% of your monthly mortgage payment)

  • Protects full-time salaried employees

  • No underwriting

  • Other protection available:



    -Critical illness


Please contact your agent to find out how to sign up.


The information contained in this page is for reference only, terms and coverages are strictly governed by the actual policy.


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